Hayfield & Crow


Here were are, on the cusp of Marietta, Ohio's own Rivers, Trails and Ales Festival and we're so excited that it hurts. Between launching a full-band lineup, regular rehearsals (something we haven't had in years) and traveling to excellent venues to play excellent shows with excellent people, we haven't had much time to re-visit our roots. Our upcoming performance, August 12 at The Marietta Brewing Co. promises to be exactly that. An all-acoustic Rivertown Revival hasn't happened in a while and it's about damn time that it does. We'll be joined by our talented friends Jake Dunn, Corey Shields and Levi Westfall on stage. Picture it; the high shadowed ceilings, the brick walls and aged murals rebounding the songs and sounds of local artists on a dark, stormy night. Plus, there's beers. Lots o' beers. Hope to see you there!

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