Hayfield & Crow


Okay, we've been hammering away at the Rivertown Revival tour all summer and we're winding down into the fall. We're asking ourselves, what's next?. We have a batch of new songs we've been testing live, such as "Find A Way" and "Best of Me" and there are more on the way. There's also talk of a revamping of some tracks from our debut album, but we're still working on that. We're better than we've ever been, but learning how much better we can be. When we started this band, the MOV was a sad trashland of karaoke and DJ's. Today it is a thriving community of working musicians playing original music and it's very exciting for us. Stay tuned for new releases and updates!

ugust 26 we're at The Adelphia Music Hall with Tulips for a night of rock and alternative, then you can find us there again on September 3 with our bestest pals Jake Dunn & The Blackbirds, Levi Westfall and Ben Davis Jr. We're starting to begin to

Between launching a full-band lineup, regular rehearsals (something we haven't had in years) and traveling to excellent venues to play excellent shows with excellent people, we haven't had much time to re-visit our roots. Our upcoming performance, August 12 at The Marietta Brewing Co. promises to be exactly that.

In the midst of an uncharacteristic social media push, we found it necessary to update and re-vamp our website. We're currently gearing up for end-of-summer shows, particularly the upcoming Rivers, Trails & Ales festival show at The Marietta Brewing Company with our traveling show Rivertown Revival.

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